Maximise your reach with our unbeatable Telehandlers

Euro Mechanical Handling (EMH) have got a telehandler to handle any task quickly and in complete safety.

EMH only supply JCB Telehandlers for Hire for the simple reason that they are the UK’s best known manufacturer of construction equipment and have a reputation for innovation and quality.

Our telehandlers range from 12 to 17 metre in reach and are 4WD so will work on all terrains. They can also come with forks that are perfect for material handling on building sites and for use as construction loadalls in tight spaces.

12m Telehandler

The 12 metre telehandler range has been designed for maximum performance and safety for housebuilding and construction projects of three or more storeys.

Complete with standard self levelling hydraulic safety stabilisers and a lift capacity up to 3,500 Kgs, the 12 metre range is compact in construction and offers outstanding manoeuvrability, making them ideal for today’s congested sites.

Feature and Benefits

  • Hydraulic safety stabilisers complete with operational warning system
  • Spacious ROPS and FOPS cab with adjustable deluxe suspension seat
  • Low boom line for greater visibility and safety
  • Precise action joystick control for accuracy and speed when placing & loading
  • Eye level automatic progressive safe load indicator
  • Choice of 3 steering modes: 2 wd, 4 wd and crab

14m Telehandler

The 14 metre telehandler range is very much in a class of its own, allowing heavier materials and roof trusses to be placed safely.

With an exceptionally tight turning radius, the 14 metre range comes with self levelling hydraulic safety stabilisers as standard, a lift capacity up to 4,000 Kgs, maximum lift height of 13.8 metres and a low boom line that improves safety when travelling on site.

Feature and Benefits

  • Easy to use with precise joystick controls
  • Quick, safe and responsive boom operation
  • Comfortable and ergonomic ROPS and FOBS cab
  • Fitted with 360° convex visibility mirrors as standard
  • A low boom line giving the operator greater visibility and confidence to move around site safely

17m Telehandler

The 17 metre range offers exceptional lift, reach and rough terrain capabilities, which is ideally suited to multi-storey projects.

With a multiple stage boom mechanism, and stabilisers extended, the 17 metre range can achieve a massive lift height to 16.7 metres with 2,500 Kgs load capacity, without any compromising on manoeuvrability. The low boom line gives the operator greater visibility and confidence to move around any site safely.

Feature and Benefits

  • Hydraulic safety stabilisers and self levelling chassis
  • Multiple stage boom mechanism to allow maximum loads to be placed safely and efficiently
  • Fitted with 360° convex visibility mirrors as standard.

926 Rough Terrain Forklift

The 926 Rough Terrain Forklift transmission provides fast and smooth directional changes plus a sideshift feature meaning you can accurately place materials on scaffolding.

With a 2,600 Kg lift capacity, the 926 also comes with a variety of mast options, ranging from 3.6 to 5.5 metres, so can be tailored to different lifting heights.

Feature and Benefits

  • 4.4 litre EcoMAX T4 Final-Compliant engine with low-end power and torge
  • No exhaust after-treatment required
  • Powerful and versatile hydraulics package
  • 3.6 – 5.5 metre mast choice

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